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Tena Marie provides the Best Psychic Phone Readings in America & Florida.
 Also available for in person readings by appointments only.
Psychic Reading either phone email in person in Fort Walton Beach FL

Phone readings are a convenient way for you to feel at ease in the comfort of your home. Also allows us to setup a time quicker for your psychic or medium reading. My phone readings are just as accurate as in person. 

Psychic Tena Marie is available for the following services.

15 Minute - $30.00

20 Minute - $40.00

30 Minute - $60.00

45 Minute - $90.00

60 Minute - $120.00

2 Question Email - $30.00

4 Question Email - $50.00

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Psychic Tena Marie Services


Psychic Tena Marie is Psychic and Psychic Medium; I am able to read on a number of levels. Accurate psychic readings both online & by phone. 


For in person psychic reading are done by appointment only if near Cross City Florida.

 Accurate psychic readings in today's world where science and technology has progressed so much I now have many forms in which to provide you a psychic reading. I can give you accurate psychic readings online, by phone or by email. 

Accurate psychic readings are usually a very straight point related to your life. The answers to your questions may not be positive every time but they are facts based on the energy I pickup from your life which you need to accept and work accordingly. 

Accurate psychic readings will at times not be the answers which you want from life. There are the answers of your energy, behavior, your nature and maybe of your future. As a psychic reader I will help you to come out of any situation or show you the way to handle a situation. I cannot change the situation. My accurate reading will help you to understand the gravity of any situation.

Psychic readings booked at 6:00 PM EST will be done the next day during business hours. 
No psychic readings on Sundays
Each psychic reading is for my time only.

As a professional Psychic and Psychic Medium I am able to read on a number of levels. I have various psychic abilities.  I will bring into your life a little part of the other side. My goal is to help you to find the answers you seek. My services have a broad range from your health, employment, relationships, love, missing objects or people, cold case files, pet psychic, investigations and healing the inner child. 

I am able to do your psychic readings either in person by appointment only if your are near Cross City Florida or by the phone,  cell phone, Skype and also by email and text.  Just let me know the best way for you.

How to Prepare and get the most your of your Psychic Reading Session.

Preparing for a session is essential to get the best information possible. Once you have scheduled session with Tena Marie, you are encouraged to prepare some questions that you want answered.

Before the session, about 15 to 30 minutes, you will need to prepared questions in your mind, sit quietly and meditate on them. Focus your energy and intentions and ask The Universal Source and your guides for help and clarity.

Please note that the ideal situation for reading is that you are alone in a quiet room. Any distractions such as phones, pagers, computers, and other people make it difficult to connect with your personal energy and guides. If you are unable to be uninterrupted or in a quiet place your session may be rescheduled by you or Tena Marie.

Tena Marie will prepare in a similar fashion for your personal session. Either Tena Marie or you will call in at your scheduled appointment time. If you do not call at your scheduled time, your appointment will be cancelled. At the start of your session, Tena Marie will share any information she has received during the preparation and into the reading. During your session, Tena Marie may instruct you further on when to ask any remaining questions. Your session will end at the designated appointment time unless otherwise discussed.

I have been doing psychic readings, spiritual healing and  psychic/spiritual guidance professionally since 1992.  As a young girl I felt that I was different. There was a special something, a sense of  knowing which would just come to me. My psychic sensitivities piqued my interests in spirituality as an adolescent. I remember having my first psychic experience at the age of 4.  


I have always been interested in and studied spiritual matters intensely.  I have, throughout my life, had contact with and channeled spiritual entities such as spirit guides, angels and other light beings. Several near-death and many psychic experiences throughout my life have helped to open me to these abilities and have encouraged me to ever seek a closer relationship with the Divine. I believe that all human beings are children of the One Light, an unconditionally loving God, and that we are here to evolve into wisdom and compassion.  Readings are done by information channeled directly from spirit helpers on both mundane and spiritual issues.  Counseling is done intuitively or from channeled information from spirit guides.

What You can expect from My Readings

 I deliver what I receive from you in the manner that I receive it.

Readings come to me very fast & furious and you'll get it that way.


Mini Readings

Are the first impressions I receive from you. It may not be the question you have in mind, but I only the follow of energy that I get from you.


Full Readings

I feel is the best way to truly help you. It allows the time to start from the your childhood and different ages in your life that had an impact on you and how it relates to your current life.

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