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Psychic Tena Marie

Psychic Phone Reading Specials

My phone special is a convenient way for you to feel at ease in the comfort of your home. Also allows us to setup a time quicker for your psychic or medium reading.

Special 15 Minutes for $30.00
Phone only

Special  20 Minutes for $40.00
Phone only

Special  30 Minutes for $60.00
Phone only

Psychic readings booked at 6:00 PM EST will be done the next day during business hours. 

Face to Face visit my 

Psychic Readings page for Pricing.

NOTE: Face to Face is a 45 minute minimum starting at $90.00

Click below to buy your Gift Card

60 Minutes Psychic Reading Gift Card $150.00

45 Minutes Psychic Reading Gift Card $ 112.50

30 Minutes Psychic Reading Gift Card $ 75.00

Psychic Phone Specials and Convenient Ways for your Readings

In today’s world there is so much going on and many obligations we all face.  Psychic Tena Marie understands that and wishes to make it easier for you to afford by providing phone specials and convenient for access for a psychic reading.

I now have many forms in which to provide you a psychic reading. I can give you accurate psychic readings by phone, cell phone, Iphone, Facebook Facetime, or by email. 

Accurate psychic readings are usually a very straight point related to your life. The answers to your questions may not be positive every time but they are facts based on the energy I pickup from your life which you need to accept and work accordingly. Accurate psychic readings will at times not be the answers which you want from life. There are the answers of your energy, behavior, your nature and maybe of your future. As a psychic reader I will help you to come out of any situation or show you the way to handle a situation. I cannot change the situation. My accurate reading will help you to understand the gravity of any situation.