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Television personality, Radio personality & Host, One of America's Best Psychics
Tena Marie provides the Best Psychic Phone Readings in America & Florida.
 Also available for in person readings by appointments only.  

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Welcome to Psychic Radio Network. A radio network designed to reach out to the public with each program that is packed with valuable advice, commentary and special inside information from Psychic Readings, Psychic Medium,  Inspirational, Spirits, Guides, Paranormal. Psychic Radio Network was started by Psychic Tena Marie & Bob Weber; husband & wife located in Florida.

Psychic Tena Marie is a gifted Psychic & Psychic Medium who is “Today's Psychic for Today's World”. Her shows airs on Blog Talk Radio, visit Psychic Tena Marie on Facebook and like the page; click here to visit Psychic Tena on Facebook.  

Tena Marie is internationally recognized for both her Psychic & Paranormal abilities. Tena Marie has spot on psychic reading in person, over the phone, and Skype. Tena has performed hundreds of investigations for people in crisis with the paranormal. Tena Marie founded the Dixie Boo Research & the Gulf Coast Paranormal to assist people with Paranormal Investigations. 

We hope you check back to the Psychic Radio Networks we add shows to help inform & enlighten you. 

NOTE: All programs are recorded and maybe used for rebroadcast on our website on Facebook and YouTube.

Listen to the Live radio broadcast from August 17th 2016 of a Live Paranormal Investigation by Psychic Tena Marie of Gulf Coast Paranormal. At the Old Turner Jail now the Crime and Punishment Museum in Ashburn Georgia. Paranormal Society of Middle Georgia and Ghost Life Paranormal Investigations will join us on this thrilling investigation and broadcast. 

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