Psychic Tena Marie


The Nations Best Psychic & Medium

Tena Marie is an internationally renowned psychic residing in Florida since 1980 who provides affordable confidential authentic psychic face to face, online and phone readings. Proven to one of Nations best Psychics, Medium and Cold Case Facilitator she is a natural medical intuitive and has worked with individual clients throughout the world.

Tena Marie has provided psychic readings for 30 years all over the world, headquartered in the USA, conveniently located in Florida. Face to face readings are available if you are near Cross City Florida. If not I can help you with a phone reading or anywhere around the World online.


Psychic Tena Marie

As a professional Psychic and Psychic Medium I am able to read on a number of levels. I am an authentic psychic, medium and clairvoyant.

I will bring into your life a little part of the other side. My goal is to help you to find the answers you seek. My services have a broad range from your health, employment, relationships, love, missing objects or people, cold case files, pet psychic, investigations and healing the inner child.!


Affordable Psychic Readings

Tena Marie wishes to make her psychic abilities affordable to everyone, if you never had a psychic reading before my psychic reading phone specials are a good way to allow you to see my abilities to help you. I provide Psychic Readings in FL, USA and internationally.

If you seeking answers in your life about relationships, job, money connecting with past loved one or seeking professional guidance by an authentic, trust-worthy psychic, medium, spiritual life coach or medical intuitive I am there to help you through your life journey


Additional Information

I Provide Authentic Psychic Readings & Medium Readings

This art attempts to discern information with the help of heightened abilities of perception or simply by the use of extensions of the common human senses of taste, instinct, sound, sight, and touch. In a psychic medium reading I to read or understand your soul energy. This energy is the one that shapes your life and by getting insight into it, one can be able to feel the details of your past, present, and even future life. However, this does not mean that you can use it all the time to get an idea of what’s happening in the behind the scenes of other people.

The most important thing when it comes to psychic reading is to get the spiritual understanding of those vital webs connecting your present day life with the future, so you be able to choose the best course depending on what you want. As a psychic and medium I try to empower you, so you walk the path that’s right and the very moment. I help you find a way to love and happiness in life while avoiding those things that could land you in trouble.

My psychic abilities come from the six basic senses.


The art of psychically seeing in your inner mind or Third Eye


The art of psychically hearing either with physical hearing or with the mind’s inner hearing


The art of psychically feeling with the physical body


The art of psychically feeling others’ emotions


The art of psychically knowing is when we have awareness or thought previously unknown to us that present it as being truth


Another sense we have is intuition. Not mentioned as one of the five psychic senses, it is perhaps the most important of all. Our intuition is a feeling or sensation in the gut area which subtly tells us something which reveals itself as being true


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