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Ghosts or Spirits in your home?

If you feel you have a paranormal situation; Spirits, Ghost, or Haunting. I want to help you. I have the resources to perform an investigation. My team will visit your home or business to first do an assessment and if needed a paranormal investigation. You can expect that we will hold ourselves to a continual high standard of quality and expectation of service. There is never a fee or charge for a paranormal case.

Tena Marie is internationally recognized and respected throughout the Psychic world, as well as with her involvement in Paranormal Investigations. Tena founded the Dixie Boo Research Center & Cross City Paranormal Investigation in Cross City Florida in 1992. After a move to the panhandle of Florida created Gulf Coast Paranormal a name we still have today.

The Dixie Boo Research is an organization that is designed to assist people with paranormal situations.  We provide an initial questionnaire and if warranted help locate and establish and reputable paranormal team to do an investigation.  You can be assured that any recommended team will hold themselves to a very high level of service and there will never be a charge to the client. 

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Psychic Tena Marie

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