Authentic Psychic Medium Readings

I Provide Authentic Psychic Readings & Medium Readings

 This art attempts to discern information with the help of heightened abilities of perception or simply by the use of extensions of the common human senses of taste, instinct, sound, sight, and touch. In a psychic medium reading I to read or understand your soul energy. This energy is the one that shapes your life and by getting insight into it, one can be able to feel the details of your past, present, and even future life. However, this does not mean that you can use it all the time to get an idea of what’s happening in the behind the scenes of other people.The most important thing when it comes to psychic reading is to get the spiritual understanding of those vital webs connecting your present day life with the future, so you be able to choose the best course depending on what you want. As a psychic and medium I try to empower you, so you walk the path that’s right and the very moment. I help you find a way to love and happiness in life while avoiding those things that could land you in trouble. Psychic Tena Marie psychic abilities come from the six basic senses. 

Psychic Medium Readings by Tena Marie

How to Prepare and get the most your of your Psychic Reading Session.

Preparing for a psychic medium reading session is essential to get the best information possible. Once you have scheduled session with Psychic Tena Marie, you are encouraged to prepare some questions that you want answered.

Before the psychic reading session, about 15 to 30 minutes, you will need to prepared questions in your mind, sit quietly and meditate on them. Focus your energy and intentions guidance and clarity.

Please note that the ideal situation for reading is that you are alone in a quiet room. Any distractions such as phones, pagers, computers, and other people make it difficult to connect with your personal energy and guides. If you are unable to be uninterrupted or in a quiet place your session may be rescheduled by you or Tena Marie.

Tena Marie will prepare in a similar fashion for your personal session. Tena Marie  will call  at your scheduled appointment time. If you do not answer at your scheduled time, your appointment will be  changed or  cancelled. NO REFUND