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Marissa Waas
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Review left by Marissa Waas
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Omgoodness. Just had a reading with the amazing Tena! She made my mouth drop so so many times and what she was saying was so on point, things that no one else knows! she made me feel so secure about life. I one million percent recommend her. She answered all my questions to the fullest and made me a true believer!! Thank you Tena! I love you!



Miss Tena, has been Our Go Go Psychic for Our Paranormal Investigative team "RIP" Richmond Investigators of the Paranormal and on Our Radio and TV Show for many, many years. Miss Tena has been 100% accurate in her readings about our site investigations, and those she has read live on the air. Including us the hosts of the show. Ray R


 Mary Myers recommends Psychic Tena Marie. Tena is absolutely the real deal. No doubt about it. She never met me, but proceeded to answer questions that I never asked her. She knew where I came from, she spoke with my husband who had passed and answered questions that she had no previous knowledge of. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 I would absolutely recommend her to anyone that wants a truthful reading. She's the best! Truly a blessing! Tena, She's an amazing woman,friend and sweetheart, her gifts are Amazing to say the least! If ur asking for my Recommendation well I'd choose Tena  any day of the week!  Thank you Tena! Nicole B. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 I can’t tell you how many times she said “ are you here... hello??? I couldn’t speak bc my mouth n jaw were on the floor!! If anyone wants someone to blow smoke up their ass n just tell them what would be great to hear than don’t call her.... she is gonna give it to you straight!! I asked “ if she thought I should be a foster parent or should I move in with my elderly mother to help her w bills.. now someone coulda ran w that n said oh great wonderful ... when she hung up she said “ Sandra no more taking in anymore family .. cats and dogs... “... just like a girlfriend would. How did she even know I had taken in 2 cats n dogs prior. She said she felt I was psychic in a way n I was denying it... I said bc I thought I was just day dreaming .. later I told my mother what she said n my mom said when I was younger I said I met her mother whom I never met n told my mom things no one would know?  She also said their were passed love ones all in my hall way just showing me signs ... again I didn’t tell her I had repeatedly taken toys outside bc at night they would randomly start playing music!!! She was the real deal!!! After the reading I was sooooo tired n emotionally drained I had to sleep.... it was emotional .. uplifting... spooky.. n heartwarming all at the same time!   Sandra Fears ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

"Tena is absolutely amazing. I have spoke with her several times. I never offer any information. She knows things that have happened. She's been so spot on about many situations past and present and has been able to tell me about certain people in my life. I talk to her every few months and I look forward to the next one. I've told myfriends about her and was even in the same room when she spoke to my best friend. Tena is soooo good and such a sweetheart. I promise you will not be disappointed. "   -Jenn Wish 


Nikki Gibbons reviewed Psychic Tena Marie — 5 star October 30 ·   I absolutely love talking to Miss Tena! Her enthusiasm and energy is always so uplifting. Her readings are always spot on and 100% accurate. I also enjoy listening to her live podcast. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Star Kassie Blokzijl Reuter  recommends Psychic Tena Marie. August 25 ·   I just finished my experience with her. I have always been curious so I decided to give it a try. She was spot on from the first sentence. She told me things I'd been feeling about myself that no one knew. It was just amazing. 


5 star June 2 ·   She is spot on, and a wonderful delight !!! Donna Marie


Nicole M. Beach  recommends Psychic Tena Marie. June 2 ·   Tena, She's an amazing woman,friend and sweetheart, her gifts are Amazing to say the least! If ur asking for my Recommendation well I'd choose Tena ,Anyday of the week!   Thank you Tena!  


Tena Young reviewed Psychic Tena Marie — 5 star December 26, 2017 ·   I lost my daughter back in October in a tragic accident I meet with Tena to get conformation that my daughter was near the information she gave was 100% correct he gave me and my husband the the reassuring that we so desperately needed she’s 100 percent the real deal I don’t think that I would be able to deal with the loss of my daughter as well as I have without even contacting her to let me know that she is with me always. 


Ellen Cumbess reviewed Psychic Tena Marie — 5 star July 4, 2017 ·   Genuine article. TENA does not disappoint. Response time is excellent. Thank you. Would definitely do this again.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .

Maggie Mae reviewed Psychic Tena Marie — 5 star June 3, 2017 ·   I was skeptical of sending money via PayPal, but Miss Tena contacted me within 2 hours of receiving my money to set up a "call". I waited nearly 3 months after paying her, I think I was nervous, to book my call. She stayed in contact through those months asking if I was ready, yet. I have two living and one deceased child. This is something nobody on the internet knows (until now) and Tena knew. The comfort I received from her reading was priceless. I know that I am on the right track and my loved ones are always with me.. If you're skeptical or unsure, bury those negative feelings and DO IT. Get the reading. You won't be disappointed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Tena Marie — 5 star February 12, 2017 ·Barbara Dozier   Tena is very in touch with her spiritual gifts; she is direct and spot on with her readings. And, she is one of the best naturally gifted mediums I have had the pleasure of knowing.  <3 <3 <3 


Craig N Sharon Lien reviewed Psychic Tena Marie — 5 star November 15, 2016 ·   Miss Tena was so spot on about my life, Family & Future! I know consider her a Dear Friend! If you aren't a believer prepare to be shocked and amazed! Miss Tena Marie is the real deal a Angel with a Gift she's able to share! Thank you Tena ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Chrissy Bear reviewed Psychic Tena Marie — 5 star September 20, 2016 ·   I had a special message delivered to me from my sweet mother yesterday, through Tena Marie. The relief I feel after hearing from my mother meant everything to me! Tena mentioned a few things only mom and I would know, but it was the love that she sent me...that's what got me!!! Tena was there for me, to help me when she didn't have to be. She's a very kind person with a beautiful heart!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Rachel Guined reviewed Psychic Tena Marie — 5 star August 20, 2016 ·   Tena was SPOT on. She is so warm and easy to talk to. I didn't ask her questions in the beginning, nor did I offer info. She just started picking up on everything. Her readings are amazing!  


Jeffrey Vaughan reviewed Psychic Tena Marie — 5 star August 5, 2016 ·   I want to say that psychic Tena Marie is a wonderful individual to work with. She goes out of her way to help people no matter their scenario or situation! She has been a valuable asset to our cause. To say that she is an acquaintance isn't enough for my heart. I consider her a dear true friend whom I can count on with whatever I have going on! Paranormal Society of Middle Georgia absolutely loves psychic Tena Marie... ♡♡♡